The NGE Companies Cable Division provides structured, low-voltage cabling services that include fiber optic, CAT 5e/6 network, coaxial, media center wiring, Wi-Fi access point installation, and cabling for alarm systems and video security systems.  ​ 

Media Center
Coaxial Cable – The most common type of cable used for cable TV and cable Internet
Component Video – Cables used to transmit video signals that are split into 3 “channels”.  3 cables are necessary for a single system.
HDMI – A type of video cable used to carry both video and audio over the same cable

Cable Management – The practice and equipment necessary to keep cables confined and organized within specific pathways.
Network Rack – A rectangular frame used to hold a variety of network and other electronic equipment, as well as cable management.  
Wall Plate – A plate affixed to the wall, similar to those surrounding light switches and electrical plugs, that can offer an organized arrangement of connectors, including those for audio, video, telephone, and networking.

Telephone System Wiring
Cat 3 – A cable consisting of individual pairs of wires twisted around each other.  Used only for voice-grade communications.

50-pair/100-pair – Larger cables containing the equivalent of several Cat 3 cables.  Used for larger non-IP telephone systems.

66/110 block – A type of junction box used for the cable interconnection with non-IP telephone systems using Cat 3, 50-pair, or 100-pair cables.

Network Wiring
Cat (“Category”) 5e / 6 – A cable format consisting of multiple pairs of wires twisted together.  Each succeeding version number carries faster traffic (i.e.: 5e is slower than 6).

Fiber Optic Cabling – A type of cabling that uses transparent fibers to transmit laser signals over far distances (up to 1.2 miles).  It can be used for data, video, or audio transmissions.
Patch Panel – A non-electrical junction panel with female ports connecting network cables coming from endpoint locations (offices, copy rooms, etc.)
Plenum Cabling – A version of network cabling that will not release toxic fumes when burned.  Used in medical and other environments where air quality is critical.​