Safety takes a commitment from all personnel within our organization and at NGEnergy, this begins with Management’s commitment to safety.  It is NGEnergy’s policy to provide a work environment for employees that is fundamentally safe. The safety and health of our employees is of primary importance as they are our most important resource.  Working safely is a condition of employment, and all NGEnergy employees have Stop Work Authority.  Through the implementation of Safety Management Systems, work hazards and risks can be identified and eliminated.  This process builds on the principle that all incidents are preventable and that HSE considerations must be embedded into every task and business decision.


It is our policy that All NGEnergy employees have the authority and obligation to stop work when there is reason to believe that someone’s health, safety, security or the environment may be endangered. All personnel injuries or illnesses and job-related equipment and/or property incidents must be reported to your NGEnergy Supervisor immediately.


At NGEnergy, safety is our first priority. It’s reinforced through company culture, working environments and the extensive on-going training every NGEnergy employee undergoes. It’s something we’re proud of, and a direct reflection of the long-standing values that have made NGEnergy what it is today.  Every NGEnergy employee is trained in a variety  of job specific courses.

  • Production Safety Systems Training (T-2)

  • API Crane / API Rigger

  • Offshore Water Survival w/ HUET

  • PEC or IADC Rig Pass

  • First Aid / CPR

  • Incipient Fire Fighting


  • Marine Trash and Debris

  • Customer Specific Training

NGEnergy is a contractor member of ISNetworld, PEC Safety, Veriforce, and OQSG .